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Welcome in Albrandswaard!


The villages Rhoon and Poortugaal belong to the municipality of Albrandswaard (25,000 inhabitants). Albrandswaard is very well connected with Rotterdam through the RET lightrail. Highlights include Rhoon Castle and the Rhoonse Grienden.

Rhoon Castle

Rhoon Castle is the place for several cultural events, such as art exhibitions, classical music concerts, literary lectures etc. The castle also houses and exclusive restaurant.


The Oudheidkamer (antiquities room) in Poortugaal has a rich collection of documents, object and photos from the history of Albrandswaard.



Rhoonse Grienden


Rhoonse Grienden is a recreation area along the river Oude Maas. You can enjoy panoramic views on the polders, waters, dikes and old farms. A 15 kilometer walk through Rhoonse Grienden, Carnisse Grienden and Klein Profijt can be downloaded here.