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Bernisse is a quiet area south of Rotterdam. Bernisse - named after the river Bernisse - includes historic little towns surrounded by polders, beautiful woods and water. The area is ideal for water sports, walking and cycling. Since 1 January 2015 Bernisse and Spijkenisse have merged into the municipality of Nissewaard.



Ravensteyn Castle


The ruins of Ravensteyn Castle - also known as Huis Heenvliet - are located southwest of the little town of Heenvliet. The castle was destroyed in 1572 during the war between Spain and The Netherlands. More information on the castle (in Dutch) can be found here.

Bernisse River

The Bernisse river bank with its woods, polders and little lakes is an extraordinary area for nature lovers, cyclists and walkers. The Bernissepad is a 26 kilometer foot path.

Walking & Cycling

The municipality of Bernisse is a great place for walking and cycling tours. We have selected four routes: