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Welcome in Brielle!


Brielle is an historic, medieval town with a quite atmosphere. The old city is certainly worth a daytrip, while the lake Brielse Meer is an excellent place for water sports.

Historic city center


The historic city center of Brielle with its small houses and quiet streets has an interesting museum on the Dutch-Spanish war (1568-1648). The city's fortifications have not changed since 1713 and are amongst the most complete in the Netherlands.

Catharijne Church

The Catharijne Church with its 57 metres high flat tower is a landmark for Brielle. The church was meant to be the largest church in Holland, however it was never finished.

Brielse meer

The lake Brielse Meer (800 ha) is a former sea arm. Now it is a 10 km long lake and a paradise for water sporters. Nature lovers will appreciate the rich fauna and flora of the Brielse Meer.