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Delft is a beautiful, historic town with a famous past connected with the Dutch Royal House of Orange, the famous painter Johannes Vermeer and of course Delft Blue earthenware.

Delft Blue


Delft is famous for its Delft Blue earthenware. There are many authentic shops at the Market Square ('Markt') that sell Delft Blue. The Delft Blue factory Porceleyne Fles is the only remaining earthenware factory in Delft and can be visited.

Science Center

Delft is also the city of one of the best technical universities in Europe. In the Science Center you can experience the role and importance of science and technology in our society.

Royal Family

The history of Delft is also the history of the Dutch royals. The royals are still buried in the New Church. Museum Prinsenhof is the former residence of William of Orange, who was also assassinated in Delft.


The Old Church and New Church are each worth a visit. Mausoleums of naval heroes like Piet Hein and Maarten Tromp can be visited, as well as those of scientist Anthony van Leeuwenhoek and legal expert Hugo de Groot . The Dutch royals are buried in the New Church since the days of William of Orange.

Vermeer Center in Delft offers a visual voyage of discovery through the life, work and city of Johannes Vermeer. Being one of the most famous painters from the Dutch Golden Age, Vermeer lived and worked in Delft.

Canal cruise

Learn about Delft during an 45 minutes boat trip on the canals.