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Welcome in Hellevoetsluis!


Hellevoetsluis (39,000 inhabitants) is an historic fortified and marine town. The old fortified town with its old buildings, mill, lighthouse and fire brigade museum is worth a day trip.


Historic city center


Hellevoetsluis has a very attractive historic fortified city center. Highlights include dock Jan Blanken, the lighthouse, the National Fire Brigade Museum, grain mill De Hoop, the lighthouse and light ship Noord Hinder.

Museumship De Buffel

De Buffel was built in 1868 as an armour ship. Since 1979 it is a museum ship, located near the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. In 2013 it will shipped to Hellevoetsluis.

Fort Noorddijk

Fort Noorddijk was built in 1886. The cycling tour Vestingfietsroute will bring you along the Fort Noorddijk, as well as Fort Penserdijk near Brielle.