Krimpen aan den IJssel


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Krimpen aan den IJssel (28,850 inhabitants) is a nice starting point for cycling tours in the polders of Krimpenerwaard.


Countrylife Museum


Museum Krimpenerwaard is a fine museum situated in a 17th century old farm. A visit to the museum will give you a good impression of the 19th and 20th century country life in the Krimpenerwaard region.


The municipality of Krimpen aan den IJssel invites you to two city walks: the Cantharel - Breeka tour and the Treviso - Waterbus tour.


Krimpen aan den IJssel is a good starting point for the KoeKaas ("CowCheese") cycling tour. The tour through typical Dutch meadows will lead you to the city of Gouda - famous for its Gouda cheese - and back.