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Welcome in Maassluis!


Maassluis is an old maritime village established in 1340. The old village centre is protected heritage and certainly worth a visit. Nowadays the village has 32,000 inhabitants.

Historic village centre


The historic village centre of Maassluis includes various highlights such as the Groote Kerk (church) located on Church Island, the former town hall (nowadays National Towage Museum), mill 'De Hoop', and the old floodgate.

Towage Museum






A visit to the National Towage Museum allows you to become thoroughly informed about the history and development of the Dutch towing industry in a most extensive way from 1842 until the present day.

Towage boat 'Furie'

Furie is the last steam driven oceangoing tug in the Netherlands. Delivered in 1916 , she served as a tug for the paper mill industry in Sweden until far in the seventies.