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Welcome in Schiedam!


Schiedam is an attractive city near Rotterdam at the river Schie. A visit to the historic city centre will bring you along several landmarks of th city's old gin industry. Schiedam also has some nice museums, like the Stedelijk Museum and the Gin Museum.

Historic city center


The historic city center of Schiedam with its canals, old harbours and more then 200 national monuments reflects the city's prosperous gin industry of earlier centuries. An one hour canal boat trip brings you along all highlights, such as old distilleries and the five mills, being he highest mills in the world.

Schiedam Museum

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is housed in the historic Sint Jacobs Gasthuis. The museum is famous for its collection of more then 250 art works from the CoBra period.

Gin Museum

In the gin museum you can distil your own gin! Earlier days revive in the old grocery store of the Nationaal Coƶperatie Museum. In museum mill De Nieuwe Palmboom you can see the miller at work.