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Welcome in Vlaardingen!


Vlaardingen is a city of 70,000 inhabitants. The city is also called 'herring city ', referring to city's prosperous past a fishery town. Nowadays the old city center and its monuments still remind of this area.

Old city center


The old city center of Vlaardingen is a living monument for the city's prosperous past as fishing town. Highlights include the old harbour, the 16th century church (Grote Kerk), the city hall, the market square and corn mill Aeolus.

Museum Vlaardingen

Museum Vlaardingen is dedicated to the history of Dutch fishery on the Northsea. Part of the museum collection are an old herring ship and a wooden city crane, both located in front of the museum building.

Boat trips

From April until October boat trips from Vlaardingen into the nearby Vlietlanden show you the traditional Dutch polder countryside north of Vlaardingen. Boat trips are on wednesdays and in the weekends and tickets can be bought online.