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Welcome in Wassenaar!


Wassenaar (25,000 inhabitants) is a beautiful, green village,

10 km north of The Hague. Wassenaar has 8 km of beautiful beaches. The old village is surrounded by dunes, woods, estates and villa parks. The king and queen of the Netherlands also live in Wassenaar.



Amusement park Duinrell offers fun for the whole family. In the heart of the park, you will find the Tiki Pool, the largest covered waterslide paradise in Benelux.

Wassenaarse slag

Wassenaarse slag is the place for beautiful walks in the dunes or on the beach. Old bunkers from the WW2 Atlantikwall are now a home for bats.

Estate De Horsten

Royal estate (415 ha) accessible for the public. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima live here in Villa Eikenhorst. After a beautiful walk, you can rest in the cozy tea pavillion.