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Westland (103,000 inhabitants, 11 villages) is dominated by glasshouse horticulture. Westland also has a lot of beautiful nature to offer. Especially the coastline is very attractive, both for bathers and nature lovers. Birdwatchers will have to visit the dunes.



Westland coast


Westland has a 8 kilometer coast line with beautiful sand beaches. The dunes area - known as Solleveld & Kapittelduinen - is a 724 ha nature reserve where you can enjoy dunes, forest, little lakes and meadows. A wide variety of birds can be spotted here.


Staelduinse Bos

The forest called Staelduinse Bos covers 95 ha between the towns of Hoek van Holland and Maasdijk. The forest is a bat reserve, where bats live in the bunkers of the former Atlantikwall. All kinds of birds have their natural breeding grounds here. The wet forest is also home to a diversity of mushrooms.

Flower auction

Westland is the largest glass horticulture area in the world. A visit to the flower auction FloraHolland will give an impression of this important economic sector for The Netherlands. The Westlands Museum in Honselersdijk presents the history of the Westland region.