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Welcome in the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolis!


The Rotterdam The Hague Metropolis is an unique region on the European continent, offering an unequalled combination of cultural highlights, nature and leisure.


Rotterdam-The Hague is unequalled for its cultural heritage. Delft and Brielle are historic Dutch cities. Rotterdam is famous for its modern architecture. Museums like Mauritshuis and Prinsenhof show you the famous past of the Netherlands in peintures and historic objects.



In the Rotterdam-The Hague area, history can be found in the streets. Historic cities like Delft and Brielle are not to be missed, while modern history and architecture is everywhere in Rotterdam.




If you have the chance, do visit one of the famous events that take place every year in Rotterdam-The Hague, such as North Sea Jazz, Rotterdam Marathon, King's Day or The Hague Sculpture.