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Welcome in the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolis!


The Rotterdam The Hague Metropolis is is an unique region on the European continent, offering an unequalled combination of cultural highlights, nature and leisure.


The possibilities for recreation in a natural environment are very diverse: beaches, lakes, forest, traditional polder landscape, Rotterdam-The Hague metropolis has it all.

Northsea beaches


The Northsea beaches invite to swimming an bathing in the summertime and beautiful walks along the beach and in the dunes all year long.


Voornes Duin


Because of its biodiversity, Voornes Duin belongs to the most important dunes reserves in Western Europe. The area invites to several beautiful walks.


Midden Delfland


Midden Delfland is the last area in the Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolis that shows the traditional Dutch countryside: polders, cows, old Dutch farms.


Buytenhout is a green recreation area between Delft and Zoetermeer. The area invites to walking, cycling and sailing.

More to visit


Rottemeren, north of Rotterdam, is a park-like forest along the river Rotte. The lake Zevenhuizerplas is ideal for water sports.


Meijendel, located in Wassenaar (north of The Hague), is a beautiful dunes reserve inviting you to several walks.


Water sporters will like to visit the Brielse Meer, Bernisse, Oude Maas and Oostvoornse Meer, all located south of Rotterdam.


IJsselmonde is a recreation area south of Rotterdam. The area is very diverse, including city parks, natural river shores and Dutch polders.


If you want to experience the old Dutch polders and countryside, you should visit the Krimpenerwaard and Alblasserwaard, directly neighbouring the Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolis.